Friday 14th October 2011

   Right, my final chance for the Least Sandpiper on Tresco. I had spoken to quite a few birders who had told me about the paths through the reedbed, so you can get closer to the pool. Most of the birders on the boat over had already seen the Least, and so went straight to the Abbey pool for the juvenile Spotted Crake. This was showing really close, so kept them busy for a while. I went off to the Great pool, to see if the bird was there. I went straight to the path through the reedbed, but no sign. Then over the CB came the message that it was there, i just couldnt see it, bugger again!!! I walked around to where the birders were watching it. It then flew farther up the pool, and looked to me like it was right by the pathway, where i had been earlier. I walked around there and got some close shots, at f****** last i thought! Sorry about that, but it was what i thought!

Least Sandpiper

   I then had enough time to go back to the Abbey pool for the Crake. Most of the birders had gone by then and had some great views of that bird too, as you can see.
Spotted Crake

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