Monday 10th October 2011

   Stayed on St Marys today. To the Rose-coloured Starling again then, as its on the way down the hill. This time managed the photo below.
Rose-coloured Starling
   Then went to the top end of the island, to Maypole, where there was an Upland Sandpiper. The bird showed well, and after getting myself positioned in a decent place along the wall, the bird just kept getting closer and closer, brilliant!! A Merlin flew over while we were there.
Upland Sandpiper
Northern Waterthrush
Then we decided to go down to 'Higgos pool' for the Waterthrush, get there fairly early to get to the front before the crowds. I had been told of people spend 10, 15 and 18 hours looking for this bird, so getting there early sounded a good option. As we walked along the muddy track, we saw the man himself 'Higgo', and asked 'Has it been seen', the answer was 'No'. So, i went to put my tripod down, as someone said 'There it is!' All those stories and there it was within 10 seconds!!!!!! The Lesser Yellowlegs was also there, but no-one took a blind bit of notice of it, shame.

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