Sunday 9th October 2011

   Decided to go to Tresco today for the juvenile Least Sandpiper. Searched the 2 bays it had been seen in, and then went to the Great pool, where it spends the rest of its time. Sadly, we waited for a long while before another birder said "There is a small wader along the edge of the pool, looks like it!". He was right, but sadly it was too far away to photograph, and time was running out to get the boat back to St Marys. While there we did have a fly over Merlin, but not the photos i wanted. Bugger!!!!!
   Started walking up the hill to the Garrison and decided to pop down to Sally Port to see the juvenile Rose-coloured Starling, not the most photogenic bird ever, as it keep going deep into the bushes and hiding for fairly long periods. Oh well that will have to be for another day!
   No photos for me today.

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