Thursday 13th October 2011

   Woke up to find that we were fog bound! Oh, well lets see what happens. Decided to go to see the Bluethroat at Porth Hellick. When we arrived most of the people were halfway up the hill towards Carn Friars. The bird had shown well a bit earlier, the normal old comment you hear everytime you miss the bird!! As it was the bird then showed fairly close in the Horse fields at Carn Friars. It then disappeared. After about half an hour there was a message on the CB, the Bluethroat had been netted down behind Porth Hellick pool. We had really close in hand views and many pix were taken, not by me though, not too keen on in hand shots of birds! The bird was then released back in the reedbed. While waiting for news on where the Bluethroat had gone, most of the birders went to look at the Wryneck, at the other end of Porth Hellick beach. The bird showed really well, shame about the fog!!!! When they came back out of the reedbed, i asked one of the ringers which way it had gone, and he pointed back to Carn Friars. When we got there it was on the path. Eventually we managed some real close-up shots, through the mist, of it.


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