Saturday 19th May 2012

   Trip to the Levels again today. Went to the Curry Moor area to look for a White Stork, which had been around for a while. Sadly it had flown off. But, we did have 2 Egyptian Geese and a male Yellow Wagtail there.
   The levels trip was cut short by the news of a Great Reed Warbler at Weston Sewage Works. Thats where we head next then obviously!!!
   We got to the sewage works not knowing exactly where the bird was. I stopped at the first car park and got out to look. As i did this, the finder drove passed, stopped and told me where to look. "Thanks!"

Great Reed Warbler
   We then parked at the far end of the UV pools and listened. It was singing, but distantly. We were soon joined by a few other birdwatchers. One 'famous' birder said "It sounds like it is at the other end of the pools". No-one else thought it was that far away, but said to give us a wave it they can see it from down there. To our surprise thats exactly what they did as soon as they got there!!! Just shows how loud Great Reed Warbler song really is. The bird showed quite well for a fair while after that.

   This was an Avon tick for me, as i missed the last one at Chew, due to being in Turkey!

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