Tuesday 22nd May 2012

   News of a Cream-coloured Courser on Sunday in Herefordshire, didnt get to me until yesterday, but i was at work with no camera gear, bummer!!! So today i made sure i had my stuff in the car, and hoped it would still be there when i finished work. 
   It was! So i made the nearly 2 hour trip after work, i had been to the golf course here before, on my way to Mid-Wales, for a Dotterel. But, that had disappeared before i got there. Second time lucky i hope! I walked across the golf course, to find it was not showing and had been a pain all day. Fortunately it walked from the bracken, out onto the fairway not long after i arrived. I got some fairly decent shots, but the light was always in the wrong place. 
   I waited until most of the other birders had followed it up the fairway, and decided to get into a position and wait! I walked across the fairway to where it had been running around a while before. I laid down and put my camera on top of my bag and just waited. The bird after a while walked towards me, closer and closer, until i was happy with my photos. It would have come closer, but one birder (idiot), decided to walk around the back of me, with NO idea that the bird watched him all the way! It gradually moved away from me back onto the fairway. I gave up then!!! But got some decent shots, i hope you agree?

Cream-coloured Courser
   This was my second ever Cream-coloured Courser, but my first adult. The other being the 1st Winter bird on St. Marys, Isles of Scilly in October 2004. I think i have heard that this is the first Spring record for Britain. If i am wrong please let me know.

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