Sunday 20th May 2012

   Somerset today. To start with Thurlbear Quarrylands, to look for Duke of Burgundy butterflies. Sadly the weather was not really warm or sunny enough. We did have Grizzled Skipper, Large White and Small Heath, but little else. Bird life highlights there though were Nightingale and Marsh Tit, the latter a first for the site, for me anyway!

Grizzled Skipper
  Catcott, Westhay and Tadham/Tealham produced very little either sadly. Highlights being 3 Hobbies at Catcott. Then watching a pair of Great Tits feeding young, in a nest box which was on display at the Cafe near Westhay. The owners had very cleverly put a sign up saying "Occupied", which made me laugh, very smart.

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