Thursday 10th May 2012

   Nice start to the day, so unsure of where to start today.

  Had a wander around the Garrison before breakfast, not a lot happening there though. Luckily after breakfast the news came out that the Red-rumped Swallow had been refound, or a new one had been found, at Porth Hellick. So off to Porth Hellick again. The bird was there flying over the bay, but sadly the weather changed not long after i arrived, and the rain set in for a while. The bird gradually seemed to disappear from view for longer periods, as the tide went out, then it disappeared altogether. The usual by now Cuckoo or two were seen. A Wheatear on the beach, a small flock of Whimbrel and some other waders, including Ringed Plover and Turnstone were there too.
   Walked up towards the airfield when the weather cleared up slightly, saw the Pink-footed Goose, which had become a regular in the fields around there.
   We returned to the beach a bit later to find the Red-rumped Swallow sat on it!

Red-rumped Swallow

   Also a very showy Wren was along the edge of the beach there.

   Then came the news of a Woodchat Shrike on Peninnis! So, started to walk around to there, and the weather cleared up nicely, apart from the wind. The Woodchat showed well, but a bit too distant for the camera sadly.  I had one Manx Shearwater and some Gannets, fly past the end of Peninnis, as i walked up to the top.

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