Saturday 23rd March 2013

Barn Owl
    First stop, Aust Warth, fairly early to beat all the other Owl hunters! Proved to be a good idea too. Barn Owl showed really well. Short-eared Owl (3), Twite (2) and a Raven were all seen too. Nice start.

Long-eared Owl
   2 Owl species was just the start though! I got a call to say a Long-eared Owl had been found at Portbury Wharf. So, i picked up Mum, Dad and my niece Jordan, and we were on our way over the bridge. Only one person there, and they had not seen the bird. Luckily after about 10 minutes my niece found it in the Hawthorn hedge. Sadly it was fairly well covered by branches and leaves to get a clear shot, but i tried anyway!! My niece and Dad also had a Swallow flyover, which i missed, first of the year!!! After a while the bird flew along the hedge, between the 2 rows of Hawthorns. It didnt seem to go far though. I walked along the to the middle hide. Sadly the bird saw me before i saw it, and was off again! This time it flew to the fenced off area on the other side of the rhyne.

   Next stop was Portishead, Battery point and the boating lake. No sign of the Purple Sandpipers, but it wasnt high tide and they are not easy, other than at high tide! The drake Greater Scaup was still showing well on the boating lake though.

Greater Scaup

   We had to drop Jordan off to go to work. So we decided after to pop over the other bridge, to try and finally find Willow Tit for Dad. sadly we didnt get them, and it was now snowing too. So we came back. There was a female-type Merlin at Aust Warth, and then as the light started to go, the dreaded message came through!!! Stone Curlew near the flash at Northwick Warth.........
Luckily for me i had seen one there a few years ago, and by the time i would have got there it would have been dark! so didnt bother......
   Instead i went home and messed about with the Long-eared Owl pic, untilit actually looked like an Owl....what do you think????

Long-eared Owl

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