Saturday 9th March 2013

   Somerset Levels or Forest of Dean, which one? Chose the Forest, as i had pencilled in to meet some mates on the Levels tomorrow already. We went to Brierley first to try and find Willow Tit. Nothing...except a flyover Sparrowhawk.

   Next stop was Parkend Church, which turned out to be a good decision. As i drove up the lane to the Church, i noticed a party of birders walking up from the houses below. When they got to the car park, one of them told me they had about 12 Hawfinches and 40+ Bramblings, near the houses. So i walked down, sure enough after a while the Bramblings showed, they were coming down to feeders in a back garden. Then i noticed a bigger bird fly over the house, it landed in a nearby tree. A Hawfinch, in the end there were probably 4 birds seen, not quite the 12 i was told about, but good anyway. There was also a female Bullfinch around the feeders as well as the usual Tits & some Siskins.

Stock Dove
  We then decided to try the log in the Speech House car park. The last couple of times it had been very quiet, due to the lack of food on it. This time someone had put feed down. there were loads of birds around. The obvious Tits again, Nuthatches, Great Spotted Woodpecker, a couple of Jays, up to 6 Stock Doves and a Wood Mouse!

Wood Mouse

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