Sunday 10th March 2013

   Second attempt today for the Pied-billed Grebe at Ham Walls. Had to meet some friends who were coming down from Warwickshire. The weather was crap again, even colder and duller than last time!!! Didnt think that was possible!

   We had the same luck as my last visit though, no sign of the Grebe, although we all heard a call, which could have been it(and was, i found out later)! We also heard Bitterns booming, probably at least three. It now started to rain too. What a shite day!!!! Sorry for the language, but cant think of anything else to call it.
   From there we decided to go to Catcott, sit in the hide out of the rain. The only thing of note there was a Water Pipit, showing right in front of the hide. Not seen one here before!

Water Pipit

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