Tuesday 5th March 2013

   The forecast for a couple of nice sunny days, meant i could go somewhere after work for a change. I decided to go to Slimbridge WWT as the Common Cranes (from the Great Crane Project) & Geese had been showing quite well. On my way there i had my first butterfly of the year, a Small Tortoiseshell near Iron Acton.

   Got there and began taking some photos of the ducks etc. The Cranes were right at the back of the Tack Piece, so i got some very distant pix of them too. They then flew into the Maize field again to feed sadly.


Common Crane
   Later, when everybody else had left, the Cranes came back! This time they flew to the stream which runs through the Tack Piece, to drink. I moved to the Martin Smith hide to be closer, and also so i didnt get locked into the hide, along the Holden Tower trail. They showed really well....

Common Cranes

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