Friday 13th December 2013

   Managed to get a couple of hours off work today, so i could try to photograph the Desert Wheatear.

   Pull up in the car in the drizzle, to see Mike King there. The bird had disappeared into the gardens, just before i arrived. About 2 minutes later, there it was, about 2 feet from Mikes head, on the fence. Then it flew down onto the front lawn of the house, and stood on the doorstep!

Desert Wheatear

    From here it flew back to its regular site, by the flats and electricity substation building. After only about 5 minutes it disappeared again though. It didn't show for about an hour, during the rain. It reappeared on the grass by the substation. Then flew to the beach, but it was very flighty while i was there.

Desert Wheatear

   It then flew back to the flats, and found some paving slabs to sleep under. It stayed there until almost dark, when i left. Hope its still there tomorrow, it won't have to go far for food, as there are loads of mealworms around the roost site now! Fingers crossed…...

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