Thursday 26th December 2013

   Sat at home, weather cold, dull and rainy. What to do tomorrow? Just a quick look on Twitter, and.....get ready we are off to Portland Harbour!!!!!!!!! The Twitter feed that got us up and going, was a photo of "an odd looking Guillemot!!!!" Its a Brunnichs, before i had got into the car, the whole world had agreed with me. We got there, and the bird was hiding amongst the yachts and boats. But, viewable with binoculars, even better with a scope though! After everyone messing around trying to get close enough for decent photos, and the bird disappearing, it showed really well, but was a bitch to photograph, due to it diving and coming up in some random place!!! Did though manage a couple of good pix.

Brunnichs Guillemot
Brunnichs Guillemot

   This is a bird no-one was expecting on the South coast, although as far as i remember, there is a record from Dungeness?
   Other birds in the Harbour included quite a few Great Northern Divers, at least 2 Black-throated Divers, a Winter plumaged Black Guillemot, lots of Red-breasted Mergansers, a duck Eider, Razorbills and a couple of Gannets. That was without trying too hard, as we spent all the time around the Brunnichs!
   What a great Xmas prezzy..........think most will agree?

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