Saturday 28th December 2013

   After the excitement of Boxing Day, a quiet day (it rained most of it, so not really quiet), then a decent day, so off to Brixham Harbour for the White-billed Diver. Seems Harbours are the place to be at the moment, due to the crappy weather, all the decent birds seem to be hiding out in them!!! Great news for us birders, and photographers alike (hopefully, if we get ant decent light).

   As we walked out along the breakwater, the usual sight of Turnstones greeted us, they were all along the walls. Practically the next bird i saw was the White-billed Diver, and it was fairly close in. Continued to walk along, and got some decent enough views and some pix of it. But, never going to compete with the Hayle Estuary bird a few years back, that showed ridiculously well.

White-billed Diver
White-billed Diver
    Other birds in this Harbour included a Great Northern Diver, and upto 5 Black-throated Divers. Outside of the Harbour walls there was a Long-tailed Duck, Guillemots, Razorbills, lots more Great Northern Divers., and on the jetty bit, on the end of the breakwater, were at least 5 Purple Sandpipers.

   Another great day, lets hope they all stay, so we can all get some better shots.

    Xmas is not normally this good for birding!
Defo not moaning though............
White-billed Diver

Black-throated Diver (Juveniles)

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