Saturday 7th December 2013

   Another try to see the Two-barred Crossbills in the Forest of Dean today.

Common Crossbill (Male)
Common Crossbill (Female)
   All the usual stops on the way are really quiet today, again!!!! Maybe its just not been cold enough yet, for the birds to need feeding? So, off to Brierley for the Crossbills. I walked along the grass track, which had been the area where the birds had been some days this week. But, that was very quiet too. I made it up onto the hard track, without seeing anything at all!!!! Then all of a sudden, i could hear Crossbills, and what i think was the Two-barreds as well, but i can't see them, where are they??? After about 10 minutes, all the calling had moved back towards where i had come from. A couple of people walked along and we had a chat, they were looking for Crossbills too. They walked off, and no sooner had they gone 20 yards, the Crossbills came back, about 20 of them. I called them back, and we spent about half an hour looking at them. Sadly, for me, they were all Commons, the couple were quite excited though, having never seeing them before!! Nice. But, they never really came down low enough for me!

Marsh Tit
   After there we went onto Cannop Ponds, to take a look at the feeders there. The last few times there have been NO birds here, after a tree fell onto the bird table a couple of months ago. But, after a little wait the birds came back. Blue, Great, Coal and a pair of Marsh Tits, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Dunnock, Robin and chaffinch were all there.

Marsh Tit

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