Saturday 27th April 2013

Common Toad
   Back for the Shrike today. There were too many people there, and getting too close!!!! WE saw the bird and left. We had 2 Common Sandpipers at Herriotts, before i decided to go to Cheddar Reservoir to see if the Terns and Gulls were still about.

   We had about 20 Arctic Terns there and eventually i found the Little Gull too. Too far out for photos and into the sun too. Did manage some photos though, of a Toad which was not looking too healthy, and being battered against the side of the reservoir!!!

Common Toad
  I then heard that there was a summer plumaged Bonapartes Gull at Chew. Sadly it was right in the middle from Moreton hide, but we managed to see it. It was a first for Chew and for Avon!!! So a special, long awaited bird.

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