Thursday 18th April 2013

   A decent Tern passage was happening today, so i went down to New Passage to have a look. I wasnt disappointed. There were quite a few Arctic Terns flying around near the Pill mouth. Then i noticed a smaller Tern, so i walked down to the shore, it turned out to be a Little Tern. So, i put the camera to work, and then told a few birders about it. sadly it didnt ever really come close enough for decent photos. It then decided to land, time to get closer maybe, but it landed the other side of the Pill. Got some record shots though.

Little Tern
   The birds started to disappear as the tide went out. But some of the Arctic Terns flew towards the new Pilning Wetlands reserve, and began to feed over the pools. The light was going sadly, so i left, nice afternoon though.

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