Sunday 14th April 2013

   After 2 weddings in the last 2 days, and the driving, from Bristol to Worthing, then Worthing to Syderstone, Norfolk, i finally managed some birding!!!

Spotted Redshank
   Thought Titchwell was as good a place as any. The sun was out too?? I saw a familiar van in the car park, and so spent a bit of time with three of the Bumbling Bears, who were having a day out in Norfolk too. The best of the birds was a summer plumaged Spotted Redshank. The usual other birds were around the reserve. While there my plans were about to change. The plan was to try and photograph the Otters in Thetford! But, a pager message to say there was a Red-flanked Bluetail at Horsey Gap had me thinking. Do i want to drive that far, it is further away from home, which is where i need to go later???
  I left it as long as i could, but the message came out again, just as i was leaving Titchwell. Got to go!

   The drive turned out to be longer than i thought, but there again was that van!! Parked and walked until i found the Bears again! The bird had been showing on & off, but kept to the back (from where we were anyway) of the bushes. But, it did give its self up in the end. Glad i went now!!! Lovely little bird.

Red-flanked Bluetail

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