Tuesday 2nd April 2013

    An after work return to Blagdon for the Black-necked Grebe and Ospreys. This time i concentrated a bit more on the Grebe. I eventual found it with the Tufted Ducks as usual, but in a different bay. After being flushed out towards the middle of the bay, by a man walking around the lake (and then back the other way, pain). It eventually showed reasonably well.

Black-necked Grebe
Daubentons Bat
   While stood on the dam waiting for the Ospreys to show properly, i was told that a Daubentons bat had landed on the wall near the metal gates. Not seen one so lets have a look i thought. It was tucked away between the wall and the gate post. But showing quite well.

   A last drive around the lake, back towards Chew and home for tea, or so i thought. As i drove around one bend of the lake, i saw a lump of something that i didnt think had been there earlier? I was right as i got a bit closer the lump turned out to be a Badger, in broad daylight!!!!
  WOW! What a good day.


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