Monday 31st March 2014

   Decided to go to Slimbridge WWT, after work today. To try and see the Hooded Crow, which had been knocking around the Dumbles. Good decision, as it turns out....

   As i got to the top of the steps to the Holden Tower, i was greeted with a birder stood in my way! I waited as i knew him, and he was looking through his binoculars. Another birder said "Its OK Gar, they are here on the pool!" I replied "What is?" To be told it was the Taiga Bean Geese, which i didn't even know were there. Turns out they were the pair from Worcestershire, closer and better light too.


Taiga Bean Goose (Female) 
Taiga Bean Goose (Male) 
Taiga Bean Goose (Pair) 
   Did see the Hooded Crow too. Even though he stayed much more distant. Was happy with my bit of luck anyway......

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