Sunday 20th April 2014

Crested Tit
   Another early start at Loch Garten. First thing i noticed, was the peanut feeder was on the floor! Something must have knocked it down, possibly a Red Squirrel? After about 10 minutes, i decided i better put it back up, so i did.....within 5 minutes there was a Crested Tit on it!!!!!! It then did its usual disappear, come back, disappear again act, for a couple of hours. Photos are getting better though.......

Crested Tit

  We tried to get access to a small Lochan, where there are Slavonian Grebes, but were told, in no uncertain terms NO! So we would have to try Loch Ruthven later, a visit to Loch Insh provided a pair of Ospreys nesting, in the usual place, and 3 Goldeneye.

   Onto Ruthven. Where i found a pair of Slavonian Grebes, but they were on the far side of the Loch. We also had another Osprey there.

   A last try for the day, a wander around Abernethy Forest from Forest Lodge. This didn't produce much, except a male Redstart and a Tree Pipit.

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