Thursday 3rd April 2014

   Visited Chew today after work, as there had been an Iceland Gull knocking about at Herriotts Pool.

   Got to Herriotts, to be told it had been showing really well about 5 minutes ago. It was now at the back of the pool, sat on a post. It stood out a mile from the rest, but too far away for photos sadly. There was also a 1st Winter Little Gull, in the pre-roost there. I got some bread from the car, threw some out, and a few of the Gulls flew over. Then the Iceland Gull took off, flew towards us, then off towards the main lake, and disappeared into the distance. threw some more out, hoping for the Little Gull, and it did the same! Obviously didn't like the bread i had..............

  While i was there, i also had my first Swallows and Sand Martins of the year.

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