Saturday 19th April 2014

    So, here we go first stop Lochindorb, early morning. Reports of Red & Black-throated Divers, had me hoping for photos of both. But, my luck held, no sign of either!!!

   Off to Loch Garten, as i have never managed to get any shots of Crested Tit, in the UK anyway! Some clever person had been putting peanut butter in the bark of a pine tree, near a new feeding station in the car park. The bird, i was told had been showing really well, early this morning....THANKS!

Crested Tit
   It wasnt too long before it came back though, then came the hard After a couple of hours and seeing the bird maybe 3 times, we decided to try somewhere else, but i did manage this one...

Red Grouse (Male)
   We decided to give Lochindorb another try. Still no Divers, where are they??????? Did manage some close up shots of Red Grouse this time, in lovely light.
   If you get lucky, and the weather is right in Scotland, the light and scenery are absolutely amazing.

Red Grouse (Female)

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