Monday 5th May 2014

   Bank Holiday Monday......

Wood Warbler
   A trip to the Forest of Dean, in search of Wood Warbler, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker etc today, so a difficult day was expected, as you can imagine. A search near New Fancy View, produced a singing Wood Warbler though...

Wood Warbler

 thats a good start for the hard one, i thought anyway! A quick look at the pager saw the search stopped, and a trip back across the bridge to Slimbridge, was called for....a Summer plumaged adult Bonapartes Gull, on the South lake!!!

Common Sandpiper
    So Slimbridge, and the South lake hide it was, but obviously there was no sign of the bird! But, while waiting, i did photograph a Common Sandpiper, not much consolation though.

   Oh well, still no sign. Right then, another consolation prize was called for, and adult Summer plumaged Spoonbill had been showing well from the Martin Smith hide....worth a look?


  Sadly, before i got the shots i wanted, it flew off, but looked to land by the Robbie Garnett hide, so i walked around there.

   There it was, right in front of the hide, and i could not get the whole bird in, off came the converter, and the bird stood and preened for me.....stunning, and strange looking birds, at the same time.

   Another quick walkabout, saw me looking at a group of people photographing something, near the Rushy hide. Always interested to see what others are photographing, just in case, i walked over.

   There in under the trees was a female Sparrowhawk, on a kill. She was taking absolutely no notice of the growing crowd.
So, when i got chance, when a few people moved away, i sneaked into a space, and fired away.


     OK, not such a bad day, even if the 2 main targets were missing.

     Then, the news that the Bonapartes Gull was back. So back to the South lake hide, second time lucky maybe????

Bonapartes Gull

    It was there, with a group of Black-headed Gulls. It was a bit distant for really decent photos, but was fairly pleased with what i got. I got lots of it sitting on the water, all at the same distance. Then, something put everything up, and i clicked away, and hoped! I managed just the one shot withe the bird in focus(ish). So, now a very good day......

Bonapartes Gull

   Lesser Spot next time hopefully?????

Bonapartes Gull

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