Wednesday 21st May 2014

   Decided to go North today after work, into Gloucestershire. Swifts Hill, also known as Elliot's Hiull, to be precise. This time looking for Frog Orchid. After a fruitless, or flowerless really, search of the lower slopes, near the road, i went to the top of the hill. I bumped into a chap who was also looking for Orchids, so we split up and promised to shout if we found anything.

Frog Orchid
   Which I'm glad we did, because he found the only one we saw!!! Nothing to look at really, especially as the flowers were still in bud, but still a new Orchid for me, and him!

   During the rest of my search, i managed to find quite a few Butterflies, and another lifer, this time a Moth, Lace Border. Not bad considering this was only my second visit, this was the second new Moth i had found here!!!

Small Blue (Male)

Brown Argus (Female)

Lace Border

Lace Border

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