Tuesday 6th May 2014

Wheatear (Male)
   First day of a week off work, was spent at Portland. Sadly, it was very quiet.

   Not a lot of migration happening, except for Wheatears......with Ravens and Rock Pipits for company.

Wheatear (Female)

Rock Pipit

   So, where should i go now......then i remembered a Tweet about Early Spider Orchids, at Durlston Country Park, and still in Dorset. Should i go???? Well theres nothing here to keep me, so yeah why not.

   I parked the car and paid for the ticket, and began to wander around looking.....after a while, and with no sign, i began to think about my ticket running out. Not a good day, i thought, as i walked back to the car, and no signal, so i can't even phone anyone to get better directions!!!!

   As i got to the car park, i have a signal......and after a quick conversation decide i have about 20 minutes, and give it another go. Really glad  i did too, i found 2 plants still in flower, and they were different ones to the ones my friend had, had as well.

    My first Early Spider Orchids...nice!

Early Spider Orchid
Early Spider Orchid

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