Monday 15th October 2012

  A morning searching the Garrison, hoping the Ring Ouzel would still be around, no sign......

  Myself and a friend, Mark, decided to go up to Porth Hellick for the American Golden Plover again. hoping to improve on the shots we both already had. When we arrived we had a quick look for the Rose-coloured Starling, no sign..... Oh dear, here we go again! When we got to the beach the tide was out, so the Plover was out too. There were 2 photographers walking about on the low tide mud, so we decided to take a look around Carn Friars, where there had been a Richards Pipit the day before, and wait for the tide to come in. We both started looking into the horse fields, and we both noticed an odd bird walking around with the Meadow Pipits, but it kept disappearing in the longer tufts of grass. Maybe a Linnet, then i noticed it had quite a well defined supercilium (sort of eyebrow stripe to those who dont know). We both said at the same time "Short-toed Lark!" We walked up to the gateway to make sure, and get some photos. We got to the gate, we were right, and the bird walked away from us. I put the news out on the radios. As i did this the horses decided we looked friendly, and decided to come over and join us. With them in the way neither of us could see the bird, and the birders were already arriving. Some of them were getting frustrated as they couldnt see the bird, and we couldnt refind it! All the Pipits flew out of the field and landed nearby on the edge of Porth Hellick down. No-one looked for them, except me. I refound it! But, as i said "its here", they all flew again and this time they landed in the next field up from the horse field. I again refound it and everybody there was happy, begining to think no-one believed us for a while!!!!! Below is the proof anyway.
Short-toed Lark
  Went back to the beach, the tide was almost in, so sat down and waited again. The Plover was getting closer by the minute. Then, again, the heavens opened!!!!!!!! Got some shots, but as you can imagine the light was not good. As the rain slowed, and we thought we could get some decent shots, 2 local dog walkers walked along the beach and flushed the bird, which returned to the airfield. Sadly, they knew exactly what they were doing, but didnt really care. Sad, but true.......some locals just dont really like the birder invasion in October!

American Golden Plover

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