Monday 8th October 2012

Reed Warbler

   A fairly nice, sunny start to today. A wander around the outskirts of the campsite, saw a decent selection of birds. A Reed Warbler was near the bins, and along the track, through the middle of the campsite there were, 6+ Goldcrests, 2 Firecrests and a Yellow-browed Warbler. Sadly, i only heard the last one, and it had disappeared before i could manage to se or photograph it! Around the 'dead pine walk', the back of the pine belt around the campsite, i had a female Redstart and at least 3 Pied Flycatchers. There were still Swallows around, with them there were also a few House Martins and a Sand Martin. A friend, Paul, and I also had a small hirundine, which glided rather then flapped, and then when it flapped it was almost bat-like, before disappearing behind the trees and into the quickly thickening fog! Will remain unidentified im afraid. Returning to the campsite, the fog was still getting worse. I bumped into Spider, a local, Scilly, birder. As we were chatting a sharp call came from the fog, it was a Plover of some sort, we thought American Golden Plover, mainly because there was one already on the islands. The bird was also then heard and seen to land on Penninis head, but it was a Dotterel. Ah well, fairly easy mistake to make, especially in the fog, and as i haven't heard either call too often. Good bird though anyway.


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