Saturday 20th October 2012

   Last day of my 2 weeks on Scilly then, that went rather quick, especially after things have dried out a bit. Taking the tent down, and then getting all my gear over to the pick-up area, is the first item today. Nice sunny warm day too. All done, and a quick, short walk around the Garrison, brought me nothing really. So, to the Scillonian club, no beer for me though, yet! Chelsea on the TV early today, so as there are a few people there, i dropped off the rest of my gear, and went off to Porth Hellick.

Ring-necked Ducks
   Got to Porth Hellick, nothing from the Stephen Sussex hide. Walked down to the Seaward hide, and there were my quarry for the day, 3 Ring-necked Ducks!
Ring-necked Duck (1st Winter Drake)
Ring-necked Duck (1st Winter Duck)
   A Pomarine Skua and an Arctic Skua, were best of the few birds that were seen from the ferry, on the return journey.

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