Sunday 28th October 2012

   A trip down to Sand Bay near Weston-super-Mare today. There has been a Hoopoe about for a couple of days. The light was not as good as yesterday, but it was still as cold and windy, there was even some rain in the air. Unusual for this year, NOT!!!!!!

   More birders around than i expected, but the bird showed well, if flighty. There are lots of walkers and dog walkers in the area where the Hoopoe is favouring, which doesnt really allow it to settle for too long. People and dog walkers, are not really to blame for flushing the bird, as most do not know they are doing it, but some of the so called birders there are a pain! Oh well i should be used to that after 2 weeks on the Scillies, but it is still frustrating, when you spend a fair amount of time, trying to get close enough for photos, and then someone rushs up straight towards the bird, and off it goes!!!!! Now dont get me wrong, we have all flushed birds accidentally, trying to get too close or other reasons. But, most of us have learned from these mistakes, but NOT some. Right enough whinging and back to the photos. Sorry about that rant. Did manage some photos after the worst offender had left!


   A quick visit to Chew before the rain really came down, saw at least 7 Pintail at Herriotts pool, and 2 late Swallows there too.

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