Tuesday 9th October 2012

   I decided to try to photograph the American Golden Plover & Buff-bellied Pipit, on the Airfield this morning. The Plover was showing well, but too distant for decent photos, from the windsock. It was then flushed by a Helicopter landing, it flew down towards Porth Hellick. People were calling the Pipit, but nobody could actually nail it down, the one confusing factor was a very grey looking Meadow Pipit. After a good, but fruitless look for the Pipit, i was about to leave, when a juvenile Curlew sandpiper flew in calling. It flew around the airfield a couple of times, and then landed near to the turning circle. When it landed we all realised that the Plover was there too, it had returned unseen. A walk down towards the turning circle, and i managed a few better shots of both these birds.

Curlew Sandpiper

American Golden Plover

American Golden Plover

    I then decided to try and walk up to Penninis head to see if i could photograph the juvenile Dotterel, which was still there. When i got to the area it preferred, there were birders and bird photographers there already. I sat down with them and started photographing the bird. I stayed for about an hour and the bird came really close at times, as my photos prove.


   Then walking back down King Edwards Road, i had the Richards Pipit fly over and land out of view in a field near the head. It was seen briefly again, a couple of times. Good day!

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