Sunday 14th October 2012

   Bryher again today. Solitary Sandpiper, Coal Tits, Blackpoll Warbler and a possible Blyths Reed Warbler were the draws this time. As the possible Blyths was near to where the Sandpiper was, i decided to head for there first. Also i knew everyone else would be heading for the Blackpoll Warbler. Even so, there were still 50 or so people there when i arrived. I waited until the crowd thinned out. Within no time, there was just me and 2 others there. So, i asked if they would mind me getting closer to the bird. They agreed and i got some good shots. While there the Hooded Crow flew over us, showing well.

Solitary Sandpiper
Hooded Crow


   As more birders started to arrive, i decided it was time to back off, so i didnt get the blame if the bird flushed! Glad i did, as no sooner had i got behind the shed, a tractor went up the track and bird Sandpiper flew off. We saw that it had landed near the dump, so walked around to see it walking around a little puddle. Even though it was in the dump, it made for a much more pleasing photo, im sure (hope) you will agree.... The tractor driver then decided to drive into the dump, and the Sandpiper flew and returned to its original spot.

Solitary Sandpiper
Solitary Sandpiper

   Sadly, there was no sign of the Coal Tits near the Church today, while i was there anyway!!!!!

   Got the boat back, and walked straight up to the campsite, as there had been a Ring Ouzel there this afternoon. There were a few birders there, and the bird was found across a field in some trees. When most of the birders had gone, it flew a bit closer, but not really close enough. managed some photos though.
Ring Ouzel

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