Saturday 21st June 2014

    So, all week i have been waiting for the weekend, no change there then, you might think! But, there was a bigger reason this time. The Short-toed Eagle had relocated, and been found, this time at Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. So, thats where i am heading......obviously.

   Well, we got to the car park, and news for the first hour. Then news that it had been seen, at the other of its usual areas. so, thats where we went. A quick walk along the track from the car park, and there were 30+ Birders on the track, so we joined them. There it was sat in a tree, but a long way off. Would anyone decide to try and get closer??? No sadly, but then 2 dog walkers walked along another track, which was about half the distance from the bird. If only others would go there, we could get much better views, and maybe even some photos. The dog walkers went straight passed the Bird, and back onto another track near the car park, the Eagle didn't even flinch!

Short-toed Eagle
   After maybe 20 minutes, the Eagle decided to fly, sadly...and as always, it flew away from the crowd. But, i did manage some very distant flight shots.....

   We went back to the original car park, to be told it had flown over, and into the valley.

   A quick walk into the valley, and there it was....but, sadly again, it quickly flew away and over the wood at the bottom of the valley. Never to be seen anyway!

Short-toed Eagle

   There were very few other birds in the valley, but the bestow them was a very showy family of Stonechats.

Stonechat (Male)
Stonechat (Juvenile)
Stonechat (Juvenile)

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