Thursday 5th June 2014

   A suggestion by a friend, saw me walking along the track by the River Avon, at Swineford. Looking for Scarce Chaser Dragonflies. It didn't take long, and i was surrounded by Banded Demoiselles, they were everywhere.

Banded Demoiselle
Scarce Chaser (Immature Male)
  Then a bigger orange/red coloured Dragonfly flew past.....what was it? I searched a bit then it flew again, this time i followed it, and saw where it landed. It was a Scarce i know what you are thinking....Scarce Chasers are NOT orange/red!!!! But, this was an immature male, so as you can see below, is that colour.....

Scarce Chaser (Immature Male)

   Will come back when they have matured.........

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