Tuesday 17th June 2014

Bee Orchid (var. friburgensis)
   After a tip off from a friend. After work, i went to see another rare variant of Bee Orchid. This time it is var. friburgensis. As this is a very rare form too, i have been sworn to secrecy. I hope you guys can enjoy the photos, and forgive me for not mentioning the site. Yet.....anyway? If this plant takes hold and spreads, maybe one day we can let everybody see it??? Lets hope so.....
   I have put a photo of a 'normal' Bee Orchid here too, for comparison.
Bee Orchid (var. friburgensis)

Bee Orchid ('normal')

  I then got a call, from a friend at work, to say i had left something there.....bugger!!!! So, back to work, luckily i was quite happy with the sightings from earlier. It also gave me a chance to look for another Orchid on the way there, so quite handy???? This time it was Lizard Orchid, just one plant, sure there used to be at least 2 there?

Lizard Orchid
Lizard Orchid

       I hope you like the pix, and understand my reasons for the secrecy.

               Thank you all

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