Sunday 15th June 2014

   After yesterday's 2 targets, there was only one today.....Spectacled Warbler, and it was still there.

Common Redshank
   So, the long walk, with my dodgy knee began. I got there, with not too much pain actually, so was fairly happy. Halfway along the track, i even stopped, and photographed Redshanks, and a Little Tern.

  Maybe i was too relaxed....well that has been known!! But it very rarely stops me getting the things I'm after. Will the Warbler still be there?

Little Tern
  I finished the walk to the Dunes at Burnham Overy, and found maybe 12 people there, where are the others? That was it....during my stay there, there were probably not even 50 Birders that went for the Bird, thought there would have been many more than that. Maybe most of them had been before today, it has been there for a while now?

  As soon as i stopped, and set down my tripod, a small Warbler flew out, and back into, the Sueda. That was it, I'm sure, then it popped up again, and disappeared. It called a few times, then up again. After doing this quite a few times it flew towards me, and landed out of sight, no more than 6 feet away. It then flew over the crowd, into some scrub in the dunes. Over the next couple of hours, the bird showed really well, even well enough for me to get some half decent shots....very happy bunny. This was my second sighting of Spectacled Warbler in the UK, after one quite a few years ago on Dartmoor, Devon. Actually i have never seen them abroad either, even though i have looked!!!! So obviously these are my only shots too.........

Spectacled Warbler (1st Summer Male)
Spectacled Warbler (1st Summer Male)

Spectacled Warbler (1st Summer Male)

  So a question for you, if this Bird had been a Female, and not a Spring Male, would it ever have been found? It was found while it was singing, so probably not....even if the regular patch watchers there, are brilliant Birders, it would have been very easy to miss.....glad they didn't though!
Congrats guys, keep up the good work.

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