Sunday 8th June 2014

   Somerset today. First to Haddon Hill, to find Heath Fritilary, sadly the forecast was warm, but with some rain, and for once they got it right.....

   The Heath Fritilaries, i found (only2) were very cool, and so they were not flying around. But, i did manage to catch one, when a bit of sunlight hit it, and it opened it wings, for a few seconds.

Heath Fritilary

Otherwise they both sat very still, wings closed....

Heath Fritilary
  Either way, a beautiful Butterfly...i think you will agree.

Great White Egret
  We over onto Ham Walls RSPB, as you can still see stuff in the rain there. But, luckily it cleared up by the time we got there anyway. We had Bittern, Hobby, and some other stuff which is usually seen there. I bumped into a friend up from Devon, who wanted to see the 2 i mentioned, and Great White Egret, which didn't take long to get for him either, as one flew up from right in front of us, at the first viewing platform.

Common Whitethroat (Male)

 ...sadly the only other bird i photographed was a showy Common Whitethroat, possibly the same one i photographed before?


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