Sunday 1st June 2014

   While out celebrating last night, it seems the Short-toed Eagle returned. So, theres a plan for today. I left mid-morning towards Wareham from Worthing, sadly my luck held, bad luck that is, and the bird disappeared again!

   Oh well, another plan B then. The 1st Winter Ross's Gull at Bowling Green Marshes, Devon, would be good. So head West along the coast, and see what happens. No sign of the Eagle, so just keep going.

   You don't realise how long a drive it is along that coast, but as nothing else had come up, i headed for Branscombe, Devon, to look for Wood White butterflies. I got there, and the sun was still shining bright, and it was nice and warm too. So, should have a good chance. Just after the chalets i hit the target, i had 6+ within 30 yards, so didn't go any further. I even managed to photograph an egg, straight after a female had laid it!
Wood White

Wood White (Egg)

Wood White

    Target achieved, i then headed further West again, for Topsham. Got to the hide at Bowling Green Marshes RSPB, it was quite busy. Oh well, i will get a seat and wait.....

   No Gulls were there when i arrived, then slowly the first of the Black-headed Gulls arrived. Then a few more, and some Lesser Black-backed. Then someone said, is that it? But, as the bird flew in, something flushed all the Gulls, and they went back onto the Estuary. Slowly they returned again. This time i picked it up, and it landed, almost out in the open!!! Didn't last long, as it walked behind some cover. It moved around on the mud a few times, but was too far for decent photos, as you can see from this one!
Ross's Gull (1st Winter)

   After a while, it decided to fly left, to a marshy area where the stream meets a hollow in the field. So, we all (us with cameras anyway) moved along the road to look for a view through the hedge. We found a couple of gaps, and then hoped it would come out into the open. It was still distant, but better than before. A slight improvement, but not what i would have wanted......

Ross's Gull (1st Winter)

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