Friday 10th May 2013

Stripeless Tree Frog
   Fairly early morning start to la Tajadilla viewpoint, to look for Bonellis Eagle, i found a Stripeless Tree Frog on the doorstep of the chalet. At la Tajadilla viewpoint. i saw 2 Hawfinches, along with a few other things which had been seen there before, but there were a few Vultures hanging around the area, and eventually i managed distant views of a pair of Bonellis Eagle! Not quite what i was hoping for, but better than nothing!

Black Vulture

Griffon Vultures

Rock Bunting
    I went back to picked my parents up, and we decided to have a drive around Monfrague NP and see what we could find, then move onto Arrocampo Reservoir again, and try again for Black-shouldered Kite. We drove back to Pena Falcon, much the same as days before, but this time a few birds showed for photos. Including Rock Bunting, Blue Rock Thrush and Red-rumped Swallow.

Blue Rock Thrush
Red-rumped Swallow

   Next stop was the bridge over the river Tajo, to look for Alpine Swift, saw 1 or 2. Under the tree cover near the bridge i found a small Fritillary, hopefully i will be able to ID it soon? Any ideas???

Fritillary sp.??

   From there we went back to la Tajadilla viewpoint. Only new thing there was a really tatty looking Fox, which was picking up scraps to take to her pups, up in the rocks. Then onto the Portilla del Tietar viewpoint, where we were really lucky to find a Spanish Imperial Eagle sat in a tree, in the open, by the side of the rock face. Sadly a bit too distant for good photos! Shame!!!

Spanish Imperial Eagle

   Ah well, Arrocampo next, must try to find a Black-shouldered Kite, especially as that was the bird my dad wanted to see, and why i arranged the trip in the first place!!!! We drove around looking, but with no luck. We did have some good birds there though. Lots of White Storks, Gull-billed Terns, with Black & Red Kites & Vultures overhead. Purple & Grey Herons, Great White, Little & Cattle Egrets, also quite a few Stonechats, including some juvenile birds. I then found a male Little Bittern on top of a pile of reeds, lovely little birds! We also had Great Reed & Savis Warblers and a Waxbill.

Little Bittern


  We drove down another track, still looking for the kites. By a cattle drinking pool, we found some Bee-eaters, Swallows & Martins.


   As we got onto a slightly higher track, i very luckily spotted a small white bird shape in a very distant tree. Out came the scope, and even at that distance i could tell it was, at last, a Black-shouldered Kite!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   After getting my parents on it, we tried to get closer, we did, but not anywhere near enough for photos, not so 'yes'! Oh well.........
   On the way back towards the Reservoir, i found a Black Vulture sat in a dead tree, which was very nice. Closest photos i have of that species.
Black Vulture

   Right then back to Monfrague and home for the night. But, not before a brilliant sighting, sadly in terrible light! A farm field with a big manure/waste pile in it, and one big tree. Nothing special????? Except the tree held a big flock of Black Kites and an Egyptian Vulture! 
   Very nice....but, there were many more Kites than in the photo below:

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