Saturday 18th May 2013

   Bit of a come down after Spain, but we went to the Levels, to see what was about. Bad news hit home, when i realised there was a Dusky Thrush in Kent, would have gone for that if i had known. I made a few phone calls, but everyone had either gone already, were on their way, or couldn't go. Oh well, saves rushing around like a loony anyway. The Levels had a few good birds anyway, Bittern, Great White Egret and Marsh Harrier the main ones, but some Summer migrants had arrived too. Whitethroat, Blackcap, Hobby, Reed Warbler and Swift were about.

Dunlin (f. arctica on left)
   We stopped off at Chew on the way back, and at Herons Green there were 3 Dunlin. After chatting to a friend we decided one looked very like the form arctica. So i got some photos to send to people who might know these things. There were also some Swifts here and Common Terns too.

   A returned phone call later that evening, from Andy Jordan, saying do you fancy going for the Dusky Thrush tomorrow, i obviously answered, yes! We decided that if it wasn't there we would head to Lakenheath, as there had been a showy male Red-footed Falcon there. Lets keep my fingers crossed!!!!

Dunlin (f. arctica)

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