Monday 13th May 2013

Queen of Spain Fritillary
    First stop, San Juan de la Pena Monastry. I have been looking forward to this for a very long time! Sadly, it turned out to be not as good as the books i had read about it…Bugger. Did manage to see a few Butterflies and some Moths. Birdwise i found some Crested Tits, but failed to get my Dad any views, this was one of the reasons for coming here, will jeep trying. I heard Black Woodpeckers calling a couple of times, but NO sign, will keep trying for them too. Firecrest and Short-toed Treecreeper were in the pines too.

Wood White
  Next stop was the Hecho Valley, lets hope this lives up to the books……
  Lots of Vultures flying around, but none looked like Lammergeier, another reason to come here. Short-toed Eagle and Egyptian Vultures. When we got to the top of the valley, there were little flocks of Linnets, some Stonechats, a Cirl Bunting with some Yellowhammers and a Red-backed Shrike. Also a Dipper flew along the stream there.
  Did manage a lifer, but not a Bird, a Mammal! Pyrennean Chamois (i think anyway). Lots of flowers, some nice new Orchids, Elderflower Orchid (both the common Yellow and rarer Red variant).

Red-backed Shrike

Pyrennean Chamois

   Before returning home, we visited the Gabardito Refuge, to see if we could find Citril Finch. Yes we did, but they were very flighty……will keep trying. There seems to be a theme there doesnt there?

Elder Flower Orchid (Yellow variant)
Elder Flower Orchid (Red variant)

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