Saturday 11th May 2013

   Last full day in Extremadura today. So decided to have another look for Great-spotted Cuckoo and Black-shouldered Kite amongst other stuff, so we drove down towards Trujillo, then on to the Monroy road, and the Santa Marta de Magasca area.

Black Kite
   Driving along the lanes, we again heard Little Bustards, but no sign sadly. As usual lots of Black Kites, Vultures and White Storks, in the fields and at their nest sites. One ruined building had at least 20 White Storks nests on it! We then picked out some different raptors amongst the Kites, Vultures and Storks, Booted Eagle and at last a fairly close Montagu's Harrier! WE had been told, that it had been the coldest Spring for 47 years, which could be the reason we were NOT seeing as many Harriers as i was expecting? Oh well…..

Booted Eagle
Montagu's Harrier

Common Waxbill
   After travelling around for most of the heat of the day, and not seeing too much, except flocks of Spanish Sparrows, the odd Hoopoe, Southern Grey and Woodchat Shrikes. We found ourselves back at the Waxbill site. After a short time searching we found them, again they were nest building, flying back and forward across the road. So we waited around to try for photos. Did manage these………..

Common Waxbill


   While waiting i heard a very harsh call from along the road, and went to investigate. I had heard a call like that on my iPod last night, while trying to see if i could hear what Great-spotted Cuckoo sounded like! But could i see one? No!!! Then a slight movement in a tree, with some really thick cover, could i see something??? Scope out and yes…. a Great-spotted Cuckoo. Not the best of views, but a view at least.

Great-spotted Cuckoo

    Back to the campsite and i tried to get some Spotless Starling and Azure-winged Magpie shots, before dark.

Azure-winged Magpie

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