Tuesday 14th May 2013

   Start at the Ski centre today. Looking for the high alpine birds. Bumped into some other English birders, who told me about a place for Alpine Chough and Lammergeier, the Hecho Valley!!! Oh well, we will do that later. They also told me about Lammergeiers at the Foz du Arbaiun, i had read about that in the book, so we headed for there!!! A flock of Choughs were seen flying high above the ski centre, but disappeared into the mist, they could have been Alpines!!!!!!
   After a fairly long drive and some searching around, we found the viewpoint. Lovely place, Vulture flying around regularly, but no Lammergeiers again. There was a male Subalpine Warbler singing there, and also a few Western Bonellis Warblers.
   Sadly, the best wildlife i photographed today were Orchids again!

Lady Orchid
Lady Orchid (White variant)

Monkey Orchid

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