Thursday 9th May 2013

   Second attempt at Santa Marta today, come on Little Bustard...........

Booted Eagle (2nd calendar year)
   Bit windy really today, but the Larks were everywhere again today. First time to jump out of the car, it was a fairly low flying 2nd year Booted Eagle. At one stop we saw loads of nesting White Storks, with quite a few youngsters on the nests. As the stops got more regular we had Southern Grey Shrike, Lesser Kestrel, Roller and Little Owl, plus the usual other stuff. Oh and an adult pale phase Booted Eagle.

Southern Grey Shrike

White Stork
Booted Eagle (adult)

Little Bustard

  A likely looking field, stop, look, listen. Then the sound i had been listening for, a farting sound from the grass.... Little Bustard! Now to find it, luckily it didnt take too long, just a shame it was a bit distant for decent photos!!! But, a lifer none the less.

Little Bustard


   A bit later we found, after hearing, another one. While watching this one we also had a couple of Great Bustards and a male Montagus Harrier over the field. All along the road there were flocks of Spanish Sparrows everywhere.

   As we came out of one end of the road, there was a small pool with an island in the middle. A quick look gave me a Great White Egret, quite a few Cattle Egrets and 2 pairs of Black-winged Stilts.

   On the way back, a quick drive along the Monroy road. I saw a pair of small birds fly across the road in front of the car. What are they???? I stopped to look, and found a pair of Common Waxbills chasing each other around. Then one came into a bramble bush with nesting material. Another lifer....! Try for photos next time, hopefully.

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