Tuesday 7th May 2013

   First trip out of Monfrague planned for today. Decided to go to the Trujillo area, and the  Santa Marta de Magasca road.

   I went for a walk in the morning, around the Fuente de los Tres Carlos. This is a stream which runs down through some trees to the river. Didn't find too much there apart from a couple of Dartford Warblers. So went back to pick up the rest of the family, and started towards Trujillo. A couple of Nightingales were singing too. When i got back i noticed, that i had left the porch light on overnight, and there were a couple of Moths on the roof of the porch. I will put pix and list of names (if i can ID them, on my Moth blog).

Montagus Harrier
   As the weather had been quite bad before we arrived, we were told it was the coldest Spring for 47 years, the birds seemed as though they were late coming back. Especially Montagus Harriers, i was hoping to see loads, but there were very few!

Thekla Lark

   Lots of Larks including Calandra, Thekla, Crested and Short-toed. I also saw a Tawny Pipit briefly. Hundreds of Corn Buntings, they seemed to be everywhere. We also had a couple of flocks of Spanish Sparrows. We didnt find two of our target birds though, Little Bustard and Great Spotted Cuckoo. We hadn't even seen Great Bustard yet!!!!!

Crested Lark

   After driving through the area for quite a while, without seeing any sign of Bustards, we bumped into some French birders, who had Great Bustards on view. We ended up counting about 15. They were near an area, near Cacares, which had lots of nesting boxes on the telegraph poles. These were being used by Lesser Kestrel, Roller and a Little Owl. There were also quite a few Fan-tailed Warblers around the area.

Spotless Starling

   A long hot day ended back at the campsite, and i managed some pix of Spotless Starling.

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