Sunday 12th May 2013

Azure-winged Magpie
   We packed all our stuff up, for the long journey to the other side of Spain, and the Pyrenees. After photographing the Moths ( there is a list of the Moths i found on my Moth Blog), attracted to the porch lights, i tried again for the Starlings and Magpies in the campsite. A bit more success today.

Spotless Starling

    Really long (8+ hours) drive across the whole of Spain today, hope to get some birding done when we arrive!!?? We stopped briefly at the Waxbill site, saw them, but they were not playing ball for the camera. The Great-spotted Cuckoo was there too, but camera shy as well! So drive, and drive, and drive…….. On the way we saw the usual Black & Red Kites, White Storks, a single Short-toed Eagle and a small flock of, what were probably, Ring-necked Parakeets near Madrid. By the time we found our apartment and got checked in, there was not a lot of time to do any birding, so relaxed a bit and looked forward to what tomorrow will bring????????

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