Wednesday 8th May 2013

   Got up early this morning, to see if i could find anything new!

Subalpine Warbler
  Stopped off at a spot where i had heard Nightingale & Sylvia Warblers yesterday. Again there were Nightingales singing & the Warblers too. Hung around and got some shots. Also heard a distant Golden Oriole.


Black Vulture

   Had a look around some stops in Monfrague. While at Tietar de Portillo, some Vultures (Griffons, Black & Egyptian) were circling overhead. Then one struck me as a bit different, an Eagle, but which one, i got some shots, but wasnt sure of the ID. It circled for quite a while and then disappeared into the distance.

  We then decided to go to Arrocampo for the afternoon, to try for Black-shouldered Kite. No luck im afraid. New birds for the trip there were quite good though, Great Reed & Savis Warbler, Gull-billed Terns, Little Bittern and Purple Gallinule.

Purple Gallinule

Gull-billed Tern


Spanish Imperial Eagle
   When we got back, i had chance to look at the photos of the Eagle. It turned out to be a Spanish Imperial Eagle!!! The shots were sadly against a really grey sky, typical, so not too brilliant im afraid! Later that evening, i went for a drive, to try and find Red-necked Nightjar. Disappointing really, i only heard one distant bird calling from the spot i stopped at early this morning.

Spanish Imperial Eagle

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